You are looking for a magician who will turn your event into something very special with close-up magic? Then you have come to the right place! My motto is: connecting people with small miracles and creating mutal magical moments.

What makes my magic special

With my magic, I make sure that the audience can experience it up close – in many cases in their hands. Small miracles happen with everyday objects such as rubber bands, playing cards and – the audience’s favourite – little sponge bunnies.

My magic can ideally be experienced in small groups, for example at receptions or at the dinner table. Depending on the situation, I mingle with your guests and perform my magic amongst them.

Of course, it is also possible to perform for larger groups, e.g. as a livingroom event, in a restaurant or in a hall. Here too, the audience may actively participate and can experience magic up close.

As I have lived and worked in English-speaking countries (Great Britain and New Zealand) for several years, it is a special pleasure for me to perform for international clients in English.


Where I do magic

Since my magic can take place both on stage as well as in the middle of the audience, it is suitable for supporting all kinds of events: Whether it’s a company, Christmas, family, birthday or graduation party, or a fair performance, I can easily adapt my show to your wishes.

My focus so far has been on weddings and anniversaries. Moreover, I am happy to support wedding proposals by making these moments of love even more magical.

Just get in touch via the contact form and we can discuss how to make your event particularly magical.

Why you should book me

My close-up magic entertainment offers three outstanding advantages for your event:

1. Especially if your guests do not know each other well, my magical entertainment acts as a natural icebreaker: your guests are connected and have something to talk about throughout the event.

2. Magic is entertainment! The mutal experience of magic does not only connect people, but offers interactive entertainment by providing suspension, wonder and amazement.

3. It is something very special to experience magic up close which will ensure that your event is remembered well by your guests.

What viewers, customers and the press say

My magic CV

My first fascination for magic sparked at primary school age when I got my first children’s magic kit and exchanged ideas with my friend André about new card tricks. After a creative break during my teenage years, social media reawoke the dormant magic virus in my early 20s. Shortly afterwards, a magic store in Newcastle upon Tyne became my favorite place during my studies in England. The Magic Circle Münster finally manifested my love for magic, so that I was allowed to join the circle in 2017 after passing the required examination. As a member I am in constant exchange with other magicians.

After very positive feedback at weddings of friends and relatives, I decided to take the step into professionalism and offer my magic publicly at the end of 2023.

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